Fonts in the Cloud

1. How many fonts do we support?

A list of default compatible fonts can be found HERE.

2. Are they all TrueType fonts?

There are two versions of True Type fonts: Mac and Windows. unfortunately they both have the same file extension: ‘ttf’. We support only Windows True Type fonts (.ttf). We also support windows Open Type fonts ".otf". Any Mac .ttf fonts will not be compatible, you will have to convert them first. There are two conversion tools available here:

Online font converter

Free font converter

3. If I get a missing font email from cloud services, do I simply put the font file on the top level of my cloud processing folder and resubmit the job?

Yes. You simply have to put the font in your Vectorworks Cloud Services folder anywhere, it doesn’t need to be in a particular folder. Vectorworks Cloud Services will find the font file and use it for jobs that need that particular font.

4. Can I have a folder specifically dedicated to fonts?

Yes. However this is not required by Vectorworks Cloud Services, the fonts simply need to be in the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder.

5. If I upload a file that is missing fonts, does it still process the file and substitute another font? Or does it not process the file at all?

Yes. The file will be processed even though there are missing fonts. Vectorworks Cloud Services will substitute the missing fonts the same way your local Vectorworks does. The file will be rendered and a mail will be issued telling you that particular font was missing when the file was rendered, so the appearance of the PDF might not be exactly correct.

6. If I upload and a font is missing, do I have to upload again with the "Synchronize" command, or can I just “Process” the file from the desktop Status dialog?

You would need to upload fonts only once. Then the font file will be on the cloud drive and any job that is processed after that would be able to use that font.

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