Plant IDs and Corresponding Names

We’ve compiled a list of all the default plant IDs and their associated plant description. Please see the list below:

Plant IDs and Corresponding Names

A-# - Annual #

CTD - Conifer Tree Display

CTG - Conifer Tree Generic

ETD - Evergreen Tree Display

ETG - Evergreen Tree Generic

G-# - Grasses #

OT-M - Ornamental Tree Massed

OTD - Ornamental Tree Display

OTF - Ornamental Tree Flowering

OTG - Ornamental Tree Generic

OTM - Ornamental Tree Multi-Stem

OTP - Ornamental Tree Patio

P1-4 - Palms 1-4

P5-9 - Perennials 5-9

P-1 - P-9 - Perennials

SD-# - Shrub Display #

SD# - Shrub Deciduous #

SDM - Shrub Display Massed

SG# - Shrub Evergreen #

SG - Shrub Generic

SN# - Shrub Needle #

STG - Shade Tree Generic

STL - Shade Tree Large

STM - Shade Tree Massed

STP - Shade Tree Patio

STS - Shade Tree Street

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