Apply an Image to a 3D Object


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Have you ever needed to place a picture on a wall while designing? Using images and RenderWorks textures, you can! All you need is an image of the “picture” and a 3D object, such as a thin extrude, representing the picture space.


Once you have saved the image to your computer, create a RenderWorks texture. In the Resource Browser, select New Resource from the Resources list to display the New Resource menu. Select RenderWorks Texture.

In the “Edit Texture” dialog box, select “Image Color” from the Color Shader list.

In the Open dialog box, navigate to the saved image file; select the image file, and click on the “Open” button.

Deselect both “Horizontal” and “Vertical” in the Edit Image Color dialog box.

Click OK twice to create the texture.


Now that a texture has been created from the image file, apply it to a previously-created 3D object. Select the 3D object, and then double click on the new texture in the Resource Browser. When rendered, the 3D object will now look like a picture on a wall.

Note: If the image is not centered or correctly positioned, the settings on the Render tab of the Object Info Palette and/or the Attribute Mapping tool can correctly position the texture on the 3D object.

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