Tech Bulletin: SketchUp Import for Intel Macs

In Vectorworks 12.5.3, SketchUp requires Rosetta to function on Intel Macs. To import a SketchUp file on an Intel Mac with VectorWorks 12.5, the VectorWorks application needs to run using Rosetta. Once the desired SketchUp file has been imported, return to running VectorWorks without Rosetta.

To operate VectorWorks using Rosetta, exit VectorWorks. In the Applications folder, open the VectorWorks 12.5 folder and right click on the VectorWorks application. Select “Get Info” or highlight the VectorWorks application and select File > Get Info. In the VectorWorks Info dialog box, select “Open using Rosetta” and then close the dialog box.

The Import SketchUp command can import SketchUp files successfully the next time VectorWorks is launched.

Once the desired SketchUp files have been imported, reset VectorWorks to run without Rosetta. To set VectorWorks to run natively on Intel, select “Get Info” on the VectorWorks application again and deselect the “Open using Rosetta” check box.

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