Improved Freehand Tool

The Freehand tool was revamped for VectorWorks 11.5. This improved tool allows you to control the smoothing of the polylines, create fewer vertices, and edit polylines, polygons, rectangles, circles, and arcs more easily.

For this example, a hand-drawn sketch was scanned and imported as an image and will be traced over, to demonstrate the freehand tool functionality.

The new Freehand tool preference gives the option to specify the degree of smoothing.

The higher the smoothing, the smoother the curve will be, and fewer vertices will be created. The Freehand tool can also be set to no smoothing to revert to the legacy Freehand tool functionality.\

The pond in the upper left corner was traced using the Freehand tool with a high smoothing preference. It is important to note that the speed at which the mouse is moved is not directly correlated to the number of vertices that are created, as the legacy Freehand tool functioned.

The new edit mode of the Freehand tool allows editing on the fly, saving editing steps later with the 2D Reshape tool.

The edit mode can add or subtract area to the polylines simply by snapping to the edge of the polylines, dragging the mouse to create the new surface and snapping back to the edge of the polyline.

The editing capabilities of the Freehand tool are not limited to objects created using the Freehand tool. The edit mode can also be applied to any other 2D objects, such as squares, polygons, circles, arcs, etc.

The edit mode can also be used to subtract surface area from 2D objects. Repeat the same steps used for adding a surface above.

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