New Sketch Feature in 11.5

The Sketch rendering feature in the Industry Series products gives your 2D drawings and 3D renderings a non-photorealistic hand-drawn look. This feature can be applied to just about every object, including symbols, hatches, plug-in objects, and dimensions.

By default, five sketch definitions are created once the sketch rendering feature is executed the first time. All sketch definitions are stored as resources and can be found in the Resource Browser.

Each sketch style can be edited or created directly from the Resource Browser, just like other resources

or by selecting View > Rendering > Sketch Options.

Select the default sketch style in the Sketch Options dialog box. To apply that sketch style to the current design or sheet layer, select View > Rendering > Sketch.

In the Sketch Style Editor dialog box six different control settings are available along with a preview image.

Any update made to the control settings will update the preview image to give an idea of how the sketch will look.

To sketch a drawing, select View > Rendering > Sketch. The drawing will be sketched with the default sketch style.

To select a different sketch style as the document default, select View > Rendering > Sketch Options.


Select the desired sketch style, or change the document default to No Sketch. From here, a preview option is available to preview the current layer with the selected sketch style.

Sketch rendering also allows individual objects to have separate sketch styles. You can even turn the sketch style off. For example, you may want to disable sketch rendering for dimensions to make them easier to read. To turn the sketch style off for an object, select the object and select the Render tab in the Object Info palette. Select No Sketch from the drop-down box.

Hatches can also be sketched, including those in walls or used to fill 2D objects.

Symbols are sketched in the same manner.

To apply a different sketch style to a symbol, edit the symbol and apply the sketch to the definition objects. Viewports also have the sketch rendering option available.

While an object is sketched, accurate snapping is still enabled.

Here’s another example of different sketch styles and techniques.

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