Mac OSX 10.7 Lion FAQ

Q: Is Vectorworks 2011 compatible with OSX Lion?

A: Currently, Vectorworks 2011 software installs and has run on OS X Lion in testing, but users may encounter a few specific issues. We will issue a Lion-compatible service pack 5 for Vectorworks 2011 software later this fall to address these issues.


What specific problems will I encounter in the Vectorworks 2011 software on OSX Lion?

A: These are the problems we encountered in testing:

1.       The Create Animation command may crash Vectorworks.

2.       The Snapping Palette will not maintain its size and shape.

3.       The Printer Setup dialogue box may not function correctly or appear at all. 

They will be corrected in the upcoming service pack.


Q: Will the Vectorworks 2010 or Vectorworks 2009 versions be patched to be compatible with OSX Lion?

A: We have also tested Vectorworks 2009 and Vectorworks 2010 on OSX Lion. They seem to run however they do encounter the problems mentioned above in testing. Unfortunately it is not possible to issue service packs for Vectorworks 2009 and 2010 versions to address these or any other issues.


Q: Will versions of the Vectorworks software prior to 2009 be patched to be compatible with OSX Lion?

A: Versions of the Vectorworks software prior to version 2009 have not been tested. It is unknown whether these versions will be compatible with OSX Lion at all. No further updates will be released for these versions.


Q: Will the upcoming Vectorworks 2012 software release be compatible with OSX Lion?

A: The Vectorworks 2012 software will be fully Lion-compatible at release.

For additional information, please feel free to contact support at in the United States, or Click Here to locate your local distributor.

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